"It's not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them..... the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas." -Dostoyevesky


At the present time, the world is abound with sources of entertainment that only provide distractions and intellectual stagnation.  They are essentially a path of least resistance and outlets that offer little more than temporarily occupying a person from boredom.  Sadly, a portion of these entertainment sources promote a mentality that is destructive to the individual and to a congruent society. 

Some people regard those types of entertainment as contrary to their predilections.  Rather, they search for beneficial knowledge and to ameliorate themselves and the world around them.  Hopefully, the efforts put forth in this site will accomplish a positive environment for awakened minds.   

My mission is to provide a domain for learning, sharing knowledge, discussing ideas, and collaborating with like minded pioneers of the future.  I would like to help increase options for networking amongst a unique group of people, from all over the world, who share similar fundamental visions.  I hope to assist in building a bridge between those who are just beginning to search and our elders who wish to pass the baton of their hard earned wisdom. 

Above all else, I wish that I may produce a philosophical spark that grows into a raging fire of change.  I don't mean a five second feel good thought realizing a need for change or a three month fad of trying to change; I strongly mean a continuous movement of action and change. 

Our world is in dire need of healing.  It's past time that every single person in the world accept responsibility for the condition we are in today.  It's a condition bordering on total destruction and starting over being the only remedy. 

What could be done if we took the manpower and resources used in any war, or what was used to create the Atomic Bomb, and directed them towards fixing our problems and elevating humanity?

We have the ability to cultivate the most astounding future the world can envisage.  The potentials for the future can manifest into reality from the productive use of an ordinary, daily process; spawning small ideas, sharing them, discussing them, growing them, and continued contemplation of......... intellectual thoughts