The first philosophical topics to be covered in this progressively growing tab are the most important; for without life and time, none of the other topics would be possible or even matter.


Many of us haven't taken heed to the advice given by our elders in relation to life and time.  We have passed off philosophical statements for being boring words we've heard time and time again or written print on the surface of a piece of paper.  We fail to connect to the importance and deep wisdom of what is before us.  It's time to revisit that which many of us have been brushing off.


The two irreplaceable and most precious things in this world seem to be the most taken for granted: life and time.  The younger we are, the more they seem limitlessly abundant.  Until an event happens that reminds or makes a person realize just how scarce life and time really are. 


When we are young, we can't wait for time to go by.  For example: the seconds left on the clock before the school dismissal bell rings or for the day we turn eighteen.  The amount of time in the bank seems so large, we don't think twice about wasting some here and there.  Time does not allow what is wasted or done today to be taken back tomorrow.  We only have one life and it is tied to the unknown quantity of time in our account.  Once someone's account is empty, they no longer have the chance make amends and amends cannot be made with them.  Life and time are the two most valuable resources people have.  Unless a person wants to suffer in regret, it is wise to make the best of every little bit of them.


"A person should not leave this earth with unfinished business.  They should live each day as if it was a pre-flight check.  They should ask each morning, am I prepared to lift-off?"

- Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider (Note- The word "man" and "he" was replaced with "person" and "they" for the above quote.)


We never know when our or someone else's time will come.  Will someone go to bed and not wake up?  Will they climb into a car and it be their last trip?  Will everyone at the family or friends gathering be around for the next one?  Treat everyone as if they, or you, only have one day left in the account at the bank of time.


How many times does a parent get stressed out over children misbehaving and wish the day would end?  During those bad days, be sure to remember to put your stress and anger aside. Hug, hold, and tell the kids you love them before they go to bed.


How many times do children get upset with parents bad choices?  Although there are many books written these days, they can't encompass all there is to being a parent.  Being a parent is a learning process from beginning to end.  Children, remember that your parents might be doing the best they know how, given their circumstance.  Even though they could do better, it is possible they were never shown the way and are not aware how or where to find the way.  If they are lacking somewhere, step in and help fill the void.


How many times do children get upset when a parent says "NO"?  Take into consideration that sometimes parents do have the better judgment even though the situation seems the other can't see it from their point of view and it is not what is wanted to be heard.  Remember, it does not make a parent happy to see their children unhappy.  If they must make their children unhappy, there is probably good reason for it.


How many people have a spouse who they think sounds like a broken record?  Every phone call or every departure to the store or work they hear, "I love you, bye", with the expectance of having to say it back.  In the commonplace of daily life we may start to feel that we don't need to hear or say that all the time.  We get used to the other person always being around and we forget that things can change at any moment.  Tell them you love them, it might be the last time you get to.


How many times do people go to bed mad at each other?  It is better to put it aside and work it out later, in a considerate and fair manner.  Remember before you go to bed, the other might not wake up the next morning and you don't want your last time spent with them being in anger.


In bargaining with a spouse or sibling, a happy agreement will be easy to obtain if each tries to give a little more than they take.


Don't have too many projects going at once and don't collect too many "treasures".  You will create extra mess for yourself and leave an overwhelming burden on those who have to pick up where you left off when your time account runs empty.  Refer to the "pre-flight check" analogy.


Instead of spending expensive money on a funeral for someone, spend it on them while they are alive to enjoy and benefit from it.


Don't wait until someone has passed to forgive them and tell them how much you love them.  Do it while they are alive and can be aware of it.


"Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today."

- Lord Chesterfield


When it comes to saving a life, train and always be prepared.  Also be mentally prepared for the incident that no matter what you do, you cannot add time back into an account that is empty and closed.


Treat everyone with dignity and respect as the fellow human being they are.  You wouldn't like someone to treat you, a friend, or a family member bad.  Additionally, a person's environment is a factor in shaping who they become.  Don't be a contributing factor that has caused a person to grow in an adverse way.




To be continued........


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