Before we move further into the topic of what we should consider for the future, it would be beneficial to view the past and current events.  These are necessary to understand how and why we are where we are today and to be aware of horrendous actions need to be immediately stopped.  Since you are viewing these pages, it is hoped that you are doing so with an open mind in search of new knowledge and ideas.  This mindset will be important if you choose to look into the important side bar information  HERE.


     Whew, that was a tough side venture!  No wonder why everyone in the world is mad at each other and wants to fight all the time.  After an ugly storm and rough seas, a beautiful sky and smooth sailing returns.  If you dared look into the grim realities of the side bar, you have weathered the storm.  It's time to move away from the topics that incite anger and depression due to condition of our world.  Let's now look towards our future, with positive thoughts.  Consider how we can better reach our human potential, societal potential, and change our world into a place of happiness, peace, and as near paradise as we can achieve.


     The current economic system is flawed and bringing the world into shambles.  On July 2, 1787, Gouverneur Morris pointed out, "The Rich will strive to establish their dominion & enslave the rest. They always did. They always will."  Trying to get to the bottom of who is doing what and where is a lost cause.  It might be good for historical record and to deliver the most severe punishment to those involved, but on the whole it can be a counterproductive attempt.  Our best hope to create a better world is by concentrating our efforts on an alternative social structure.  The topic of banksters, tyrant rulers, etc, is not needed to for us to move forward; therefore those issues will not be included.

     The breaking of the world's historical cycles of endless wars, oppression, corruption, and hardship is overdue.  We need to liberate ourselves from the constraining system we have created.  We need a system that will enable those who want to be part of the solution, to leave all this behind and get on with making a better world a reality.  We need to look towards a new structure for society that produces a high quality of life for all, is inclusive rather than exclusive, and sustainable for every generation after us.  Whether there are or aren't manipulators using money as their weapon, money is still an unnecessary and oppressive yoke for the majority of people.


     Money is an invisible wall we have created and still allow to stand in our way.  We have manpower and resources to devote to curing genetic problems (rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, obesity, etc.), but we don't have this thing called money to make it happen.  We have manpower and resources to devote to curing many transmittable diseases, but we don't have this thing called money to make it happen.  We have manpower and resources to end homelessness and hunger, but we don't have this thing called money to make it happen.  We have manpower and resources for increased scientific and space research, but we don't have this thing called money to make it happen.  We have the manpower and resources to produce more "green energy", but once again money puts the stop on it.  There are a lot of things we have manpower and resources to do, but this inhibitor called money prevents us from doing them.  Only war seems to have endless funding available; is there not a problem with this? 

"Social progress and human wellbeing is always second to monetary gain."  -Peter Joseph

     Remember why it really is that people work.  Foremost is to provide food, clothes, shelter, and medical care for themselves and their family, along with a retirement that provides these essentials.  Secondly is to support a system for a means to provided these requirements.  Thirdly is to obtain additional material products for entertainment, etc..  In all reality, money is not needed for any of this.  Money doesn't build houses or make clothes, people do.  Money doesn't perform government services, people do.  Money doesn't drive a farm tractor or haul food to stores, people do.  Money doesn't donate food for the poor, people do.  Money doesn't save lives in hospitals, people do.  Money doesn't volunteer in helping the community, people do.  Most of all, you can't eat or drink money to survive. 

     Whether it be a gold standard or paper currency, what is money?  Just a system concocted from human imagination.  Money has a real worth of absolutely nothing, with a false value of what ever people place upon it.  At one time tulips feverishly traded and sold at a higher value than gold.  Is money really needed to make things happen?  NO.  Eliminate money and we can eliminate a lot of our problems.  Eliminate money and we can eliminate the wall that inhibits us from becoming the advanced civilization we are capable of.  The individualistic society and a monetary system may have its benefits, but it also has its major downfalls.  What we need is a society that is a hybrid combination between individualism and collectivism.  Communities that operate on human contribution ensuring sustainability for all of the communities, rather than for individual monetary gains.

     Many years ago I firsthand witnessed the workings of a rare community.  The community had businesses in the larger community around them, where they made money.  Some in the community also had jobs in regular society where they made money.  The money was pooled into a central account.  Food, electricity, shelter, transportation, etc., was paid for everyone in the community by this central account.  Then a portion of money was spread out to people in the community for spending money; for clothes or what ever they wanted to spend it on.  People who did not have jobs outside of the community worked within the community.  They had their own school,  garden, mechanics, childcare, and even their own central cafeteria where they all ate.  They also rotated time off and duties, such as kitchen duty.  After dinner, everyone pitched in to help clean up and then the kitchen crew finished the last bits up.  They have a really good system, except they're still victims of the economic system having to use money to deal with the rest of the world.  It was a very impressionable experience, like going back in time when communities had a solid foundation under them and no one had to keep their doors and windows locked.  Where everyone helped everyone else, without the intent of something in return.  One could label it as being socialism and then believe it is evil and taboo simply because of the label they just gave it.  The evil socialism is where the elite hoard all the wealth and then distribute scraps to be shared by the rest of the peasants.  This is the socialism the world is used to and not what is being described.  Think more of a traditional, collective community composed of various extended families.

     Many years ago I had a story planned, in case I had to do a creative writing assignment for a College English class.  The story was going to be about a floating city built in the ocean.  There was no money system, everyone did their part to pull their weight in a collective manner.  They used technology to their advantage; to ease the work load and burden on themselves.  Rather than continue the story, it would be easier to just say I soon found that another person had the basic vision for this society decades before I did.  His ideas have already been created and are told better than I could present mine anyway.  I am an independent person, whom after many years of being severely troubled by the large scale needles suffering and other problems of the world that affected me as well as everyone else,  happen to come to virtually the same conclusions as what is presented below.  I highly support the idea, the movement, and I have also learned from what they have presented.

     The person is Jaque Fresco and his idea is known as The Venus Project.  An excellent video explaining the basic concept is HERE, with the follow up video HERE.  Click the appropriate icon to enlarge it to full screen.  Might it have a few areas that need polished up?  This may be true, but it is not reason to completely discard the idea.  It is a more sensible system than we have now and offers a solution to a root of the world problems and the catastrophe we are all headed towards.  Be it known, at this time there are already over 350,000 people around the world who support transitioning into this new culture and type of society.  This is more than enough to select the right people and get a few communities started.  In all reality, this system would be in the best interest of world leaders in the long run.  A few examples of taking steps in the right direction can be found in China.  HERE  is one example where they acted collectively and HERE is where they are looking at self sufficient green cities.  The same basic concept as the Venus Project, except not mentioning of eliminating the monetary system, can be found in a TED Conference video.  It is about the Eden Project that was built in Cornwall, England.

     Although, it might not be beneficial to totally eliminate the current system for all immediately.  The above idealism isn't for everyone; there inevitably will be a portion of the global population which still needs to be under a monetary system.  There are plenty who need to have some motivational method for putting a fire under their behind to be productive.  There are a lot of people who can't get over possessiveness.  Why have the responsibility of individually owning something when you can have access to use it anytime you need?  It's not like you can take your possessions with you when you die.  The end result is the same, only the possessive factor is eliminated.  There are those who are neglectful to properly take care of things. There is also the portion who may still choose to step over their bounds and violate the rights of others.  For all of these mentioned people, they can stay out in the rest of the world still operating with central banks and live under the hardships and burdens that go along with that system. 

     The answer for Americans is not to fight to return the country back to the constitution and the old way things were.  Current times prove the concept failed and that the constitution did not stop history from repeating itself.  We don't need to move backward, we need to move forward.  What Americans and the world needs is to focus on the vision, hope, and ground work that can bring the entire world into a new era of peace, sustainability, and harmony with one another and nature.  It's time for our species to pull its head out of its backside and grow up.

 To be continued....


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