Do you feel pigmentation challenged?  Tired of certain groups trying to make you feel guilty for being white?  Are you a Caucasian person who suffers from discrimination in any of the following circumstances? 


     Are you a College Student struggling to find financial aid?  Are you left out because there are additional resources to help other races, exclude you because you're white, and none are offered for white people?  Are you a single father who doesn't qualify for help given to single mothers under the same circumstance?  There is a solution coming your way!  Look forward to the conception of the United Caucasian College Fund, with additional help available only to single fathers!  While attending school you also qualify to join the fraternity Phi Beta Caucasia and enjoy all its Anglo only privileges!


     Tired of job priority being given to other people simply because you're white and they're not?  You'll be glad to know that something is in the works!  Under the Un-Equal rights and Affirmative Action for Anglos policy, hiring will be done based on the most qualified candidates, but with special preference for whites.


     Having trouble with your divorce due to the court system being stacked against you because you're male?  Become a Masculinist and help put those feminists back in their place!  Masculinists work to dominate and secure automatic un-equal rights in the male's favor in the court room and in the job market.


     Enjoy seeing festivities honoring the diversity of found in other races and their culture, but can't find a festivity celebrating your heritage because you're Anglo and it would be called racist for your group to hold such an event?  There is a new organization that will stand up for you.  Since the acronym for National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People, NAACP, was already taken, we had to change the name to NAAWP, National Association for the Advancement of White People.  The NAAWP will establish White History Month paying tribute to white people, all advancements and contributions white people have made, along with extra attention being placed on the heinous acts and crime committed against them all throughout history; have to keep the anger alive!  During this time there will be a national holiday, Miss White USA pageant, and celebration promoting white pride, white European heritage, and culture.  The NAAWP will also be establishing Caucasian Clubs in public schools, the Congressional White Caucus, White Studies, and force acceptance of the Aryan  Alliance.


     We are also establishing the World Anglo Congress (WAC) as an international federation of non-Jewish, white European decent communities and organizations.  Our mission statement for our main purpose is to act as the diplomatic arm of the Anglo people.  Membership in the WAC is open to all representative Anglo groups or communities, irrespective of the social, political or economic ideology of the community's host country.  The World Anglo Congress is supported by those communities and individual members who as concerned Anglo citizens want their voices to be heard on matters of concern to the Anglo people.  The World Anglo Congress will have special credentials and recognition at the United Nations and within many of its institutions, commissions and sub-bodies.  We are going to establish headquarters in Israel and maintain international offices all over the rest of the world.

     One of the principal activities of the World Anglo Congress is to fight anti-Angloism in all its forms.  Our stated policy on this issue is: Governments and international organizations need to provide adequate resources for the fight against hatred, notably by providing security to Anglo communities and by improving education.  Laws against anti-Angloism and other forms of racism need to be adopted and enforced properly in every country.  All forms and expressions of neo-anti-Angloism, Anglophobia and intolerance are unacceptable and have to be condemned, and the full force of the law needs to be applied to those who are a danger to democracy liberty and Anglo communities; this includes censorship of all material that is not favorable to us, regardless of its content.  Marches by extremist, anti-Anglo groups should be banned where national laws provide for such a possibility and we will use our lobbying power to establish laws where there aren't national laws already established.  Governments and political leaders should condemn such events and work together with local Anglo communities.


     Don't forget to continually remind yourself that you are white and make sure you remind everyone else of that fact in every other sentence you speak.  For example, you will no longer say, "Kiss my behind."  You will have to use an adjective in the sentence and say, "Kiss my WHITE behind."  Additionally, always make race an issue, accuse everyone of being racist against white people, and use that excuse as the reason for all of your personal problems. 


     If you're a Police Officer, don't forget that when the suspect is giving you problems it's not because you're a Cop harassing them as they claim; it's because they're prejudice against Police and especially white Police.  


     Remember, it's OK, and recommended, that you call all other white people by the racist term "White Trash" or "Cracker".  But DON'T tolerate any other race to even whisper that name amongst themselves, even if you conduct yourself in a manner that earns you that derogatory title.  For local assistance, contact your nearest White Tiger chapter. 


     All of this will be advertised and promoted on our White Entertainment Television channel, WET, and White Voices Entertainment News website.






     What, turn about isn't fair play? 

     Prejudice, hatred, inequality, et al, have no social, economical, racial, religious, or geographical boundaries.  Current hypocrisy, un-equal rights, and special privileges, do not fix past problems; they only guarantee there will continue to be division and dissention among all people.  Allowing anyone media attention to keep blowing out of proportion and stirring racial problems every chance they get is just as much of a problem.

     If you idolize the ghetto gangster persona, or other subculture, dress and act attempting to match that stereotype, then don't cry over the social consequences that go along with it .  Society and Law Enforcement won't like you, not because of what ever color you may be, but because of the adverse mentality and lifestyle that goes with being what you're trying to live up to.  Just because you're poor or frustrated doesn't mean you have to be a dirtbag.  Instead of deceiving yourself with the "poor me", or "I'm the toughest person in the world" attitude and participating in the destructive behavior that goes along with it, people should be finding constructive and self improvement things to do.  In wondering why the world is so messed up, don't forget to look in the mirror.

     Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions and their own downfalls.  No matter who you are, what color you are, or what nationality you are.  The government isn't suppressing you because you're not white; it rakes the white people over the coals just as bad as anyone else, if not worse.  (Remember the special privilege laws for women and non-whites.)  There isn't a single race of people who can't look back in history and play the "poor me" card.  History is VERY important to know and remember, but becomes a problem when you live in the atrocities of history and make them your reality for the world today. 

     We need to establish a "Fairness Doctrine" that eliminates all un-equal rights and special privileges, doesn't promote "the world owes me" attitude, creates true equality for all humanity, allows all people to maintain their own identity and culture, and promotes people to respect each other's space and live in peace.  As long as situations exist that don't promote these things, there will be no getting over them, no moving forward, no end to the conflict, and no harmony among humankind.


     The top portion of this page was written in satire, but it has been recently found that a person has actually establish a United Caucasian College Fund.