Bear with the "doom and gloom" that is exposed here.  These pages are a little long and might feel like a trip down the rabbit hole to a place called Hell.  The information might be shocking and different than what many people have been led into believing.  For argument's sake, these pages will take the stance of the other side of the story; because there most always is more than 1 side to a story.  While this information was researched out, it is only as accurate as the sources.  Comparatively, what is presented only touches a pin head's worth of examples; to cover them all would contain more pages than a full encyclopedia set.  Even if only 5% of these bad examples found and brought together here end up being solid, that is enough to show that the world better wake up and start making some serious changes.


     There are no favorites played here.  No matter where we look in the world there are needless problems.  These problems didn't just appear out of thin air, they are human caused. Everywhere we look people (individuals, groups, governments) are pointing fingers at each other while denying their own role.  History in every part of the world contains repeated events of pure madness.  History repeats itself and we need to break the cycle. 

     To fix our problems we have to address their roots; and as Einstein has said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  People are born in, grow up in, and learn in the system as it has been.  Therefore, they don't know anything different and few are those who question or seek there being any other way.  Those that do think outside of the box are quickly ridiculed and ostracized by the majority who lack realization to the existence of the box.  Even though everyone feels the pressure and complains about the problems created by the existence of the box.

     There are at least 2 sides to every story.  Anyone who has had to write a paper on opposing views can vouch that there can be information found to back up both sides of a story.  Being the one to present the stronger argument for a side doesn't negate the facts contained in the other side, as most people have been conditioned to accept.   Because the sun gives us the day, is not proof that there is not darkness of night.  Let's consider an example of a volunteer home health caregiver who shows up to assist an elderly person with their tasks of daily living.  They are there to help.  But how about when they are caught stealing from the one they are taking care of?  If they present a stronger argument in favor of how they were helping them, does it nullify the other side of the story that they stole from them?  No.  In-fact, maybe the issue of them helping out of the goodness of their heart was really a front so they could work their bad deeds.  So it can be with much larger issues.  Is a Philanthropic mission really in a foreign land for good reasons, or is it a front?  While many of the "little people" involved in the mission can very well be innocent and there for the good of humanity.  But those who are financing the mission can be using them as a front and as pawns, so they can work their way in for ulterior motives; like harvesting the resources in the region. 

     The moral is: don't just accept one standpoint; look at what is going on behind the curtain and in all of the side shows too!


     There are many accusations running rampant in these times.  An overview of some of these ugly issues will be covered, but only those which have seeming solidity behind them.  Strength is added to what is covered as current world events continue to unfold.  These negative aspects are not to take away from the good that we can find in the world.  Rather, to become better we must face, admit, and fix the faults instead of turning a blind eye in favor of things more pleasant to think about.  For too long these issues have been swept under the rug, denied, or had band-aids put over them.  Like bad cancer, the causes of the problems have created an infection so unpleasant that reverting to denial is much easier than accepting reality.

      It's unfortunate that some of the topics to be covered can be considered reputation suicide for anyone who dares shine light onto their darkness.  None-the-less, until people become aware and more people start to challenge the issues, the problems will not go away.  It might be of benefit to you to first research and understand the use of PSYOPS (aka PSYWAR) and high level propaganda techniques before continuing.  These topics will be added as the site is expanded.  It will be very educational and eye opening to watch the documentary the BBC made titled, "Century of the Self."   We can also take note how hard it is for any of us to find truth and reality because of this PSYWAR and mass media propaganda, as uncovered in what has been called Operation Mockingbird.

     As far back as history has been recorded, history is a cycle of genocide, racism, religious fanaticism, deceit, and people attempting to take over the world one group after another.  Modern times are no different and there is no place, nor country, on Earth that one can escape to.  Those at the top of the modern fiasco are HIGHLY intelligent, organized, and have the greatest manipulative tools the world has ever known; mass media and advanced psychological understanding.  As a result, most people are in a situation like the people in the pods from the movie Matrix. 

     It's time to be strong and take the "red pill."  If you choose the "blue pill", now is the time to close your browser and not look any further at this site.  If you choose the "red pill", not only is the truth offered, but so will an idea for how to liberate and elevate humanity.

     To date, humans have been found to be the most intelligent creatures on Earth.  We have superior intellect, problem solving ability, and the greatest compassion.  Conversely, we create senseless suffering, engage in the most destructive behaviors on the planet, and can be just as ignorant as the lesser intelligent creatures on Earth. 

     We can observe we are in the part of a cycle where moral degradation of societies and individuals have been getting exponentially worse over the past few decades.  How we behave, think, and treat each other is nearing rock bottom.  One definition of entropy is: "the state of order constantly changing to disorder."  To restore order to a system usually takes a lot of energy to be put into it.  It seems as though the mentality of humans is a mirror image of the theory of entropy in the universe.  Why is the world becoming so vile?  The decency, standards, and actions of humans seem to be falling below those of hyenas!  A person can look around and see an increase in: boastfulness, arrogance, street gangs and their wolf pack mentality, violence, rudeness, inconsideration, the betrayal of extramarital affairs, greed, gluttony, corporate and government embezzlements, lies, corruption, self-centeredness, disrespectfulness, shortsightedness, unkemptness, laziness, abuse of power, over indulgence of mind altering substances (referring to abuse- not moderate use), thievery, oppressiveness, thoughtlessness, lack of parental roles, lack of motivation, ditching of responsibility and accountability, and what ever other negative aspects one can think of.  Basically, actions that lead to an eventual negative consequence. 

     Are there influential factors that have contributed to this problem?  Trashy advertisements?  Trashy sit-coms and soap operas?  Trashy music and music videos?  Trashy Hollywood movies?  Trashy books?  The talking heads on TV?  Terrible government leadership?  Of course these are contributing causes, but blame cannot be exclusively laid upon these outside factors.  We can't rightfully pawn all blame away from ourselves.  Every generation has contributed and allowed the situation to worsen.  People have made the choice by their own free will to follow the bad examples they were exposed to.  History shows that humans have been, and will most likely always be, plagued by those who bring the rest of the humanity down.  Analogous to what takes place in a pond, this includes both the scum that rise to the top and the scum that settle to the bottom.  One solution we need is a better way to isolate that burden to only effect those who are the cause of it.  At the same time, societal factors that contribute to some people being involved in counterproductive behavior needs to be eliminated.  An idea for this will be presented later. 

     Since we see everyday, all around us, all of the general population's contributions to why the world is in such bad shape, these few pages will instead tear into governments, big business, elitists, and the likes.


     It is not a true statement that every person in America can have a job and can make a good living if they work hard.  Money is not some plentiful crop where the more work and picking the crop a person does the better off they will be.  Money is limited; for one person to have more means less to go around for everyone else.  Regardless of how much schooling and hard work a person does.  In current times we see the "middle class" disappearing and a larger gap between the 3% or less who own and control 97% plus of the world.  Money doesn't just disappear.   When reports are given about large amounts of money being "lost", it is to the benefit of someone else who is gaining it.  Many times the media reported of the losses, but didn't say where it went.  The beginning of 2010 there were a lot of reports of where the money ended up: 2009 profits for Wall Street and many others in the financial sector.  While money can be the root of reward and things that are good, it is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The modern economic system with its money has become the root of evil.  This statement is deeper than the superficial view that people do bad things attempting to gain more money.  Money itself is the problem.

     Americans are as stirred up as a hornet's nest over the situation of the "economic bailout".  Once again, the common people did not get to vote for a say.  There was no help for the little guy tax payers suffering and losing their houses.  Instead, it was a reverse Robin Hood event with taxpayer money lining the pockets of the fat cats on top.  If the bailout aid was given to the people suffering under the trickery of the "malicious" loans, etc., they could have used it to pay on their mortgage, they would not lose their house, and the lenders would still get the money.  Instead, the banks ended up getting both the people's houses and the money.

     If we dig deeper into the root of our current economic system, we find accusations that it is a huge Ponzi Scheme.  Andrew Jackson had some alarming things to say about a private owned central bank in his farewell address.  About halfway through, he really starts to dig into taxation, the depth of the bankster's deeds of darkness, and acts of treachery.  This is not the first facade of a government sounding name on a private owned bank.  The Federal Reserve, at best, only has a partial element of government to it; unless we have the realization that "Big Business" and the government are pretty much one and the same then we can say the Fed Bank is completely a government entity.  The "Bank of the United States" in Jackson's era is the same institution as the private controlled  "Federal Reserve Bank", the "Bank of England", and all of the other private owned/controlled central banks in the world.  On the larger scale of this Ponzi Scheme, the "World Bank" is emerging and the role of the "Bank of International Settlements".  Some of the statements by Professor Quigley (covered on next page) bring more light to the various statements against the central banking system.  

     Anywhere the big banks go setting up or ensnaring people in this system resembles an economic assassination scheme.  The true workings of the monetary system are said to be hidden behind of cloak of complexity and hogwash explanations that dance and divert around the truth.  Every dollar printed out of thin air is attached with debt; the dollar amount plus interest.  The money printed is not backed by anything and the money plus its interest is profit on money that didn't exist to begin with!  While it can be said that the Federal Reserve refunds a portion of its profit to the Treasury, this doesn't nullify that it still hands out dividends (profit payments) to its member banks.  Since there was not enough money and the government had to get a loan, there will not be enough money to pay back all the money plus its interest.  So more money is printed up to loan so the previous loan can be paid back.  Now we have another cause for inflation and the destruction of money.  This system guarantees there will always be perpetual inflation, perpetual debt, and interest profit at the expense of the general population.  No matter what the claims are for where all of the interest profit money goes, it is still the tax payer who is burdened to pay it.  Obama is not anyone's savior, he's another puppet (like the many before him and how many will we allow after him?) who substantially increased the debt enslavement of America to the bankers.

     The Federal Reserve was allowed to establish power, supposedly to control the economy so no major crashes would ever happen again.  They do in fact have the power to create booms and busts.  It has been accepted, not just by "conspiracy theorists", that the actions of the Federal Reserve contributed to the crash in the 1930's.  (It's debatable whether these were intentional or not.)  We also see the Federal Reserve did not stop the economic crash in the 2000's and is again getting some blame.  If one investigates historical events before, during, and after the Great Depression of the 1930's they will be in for an awakening.  Remember, money just doesn't disappear.  Recessions are bad for the common people, but GREAT for those at the top of the pyramid.  If we evaluate some of the previous events with events of today, once again, history repeats itself; like the sudden "calling" of loans and then bigger banks acquiring the smaller banks.

     We can revisit what many bankers and others did to help create the current economy bust.  Of course all the people who borrowed beyond their means also have a notable part in this, but the creditors are just as guilty for handing out loans they knew would default and the loan traders are just as guilty for trading bunk stock.  Congress is also guilty for running up the national debt.  Increased lending helped spur a boom, or better termed as a bubble in this event.  There were also a lot of shady loan terms contracted to house buyers.  The shady mortgages matured to where the payments had increased and could no longer be met.  Additionally, many people could not afford to keep up on their debt payments as the cost of living increased; the price of fuel quickly more than doubling for example.  During the time the situation was coming to a head, the banks cut back on loans.  Just the fact of banks cutting back on loans nationwide can cause a bust.  Add the other factors and we are left with the greatest recession mess since the 1930's.  A portion of the lenders, bankers, and other corporate personnel were arrested for their purposeful, criminal involvement that directly contributed to the current recession.  FBI report HERE.  News article for almost 500 arrested HERE.  Before Bernie Madoff got busted, scams of that caliber were just "conspiracy theories" and would never happen on Wall Street or in the USA. 

It can be noted that for almost 10 years Harry Markopolos could be viewed as just another conspiracy theorist that was ignored by the U.S. Government and many others.  That is, until Burnie Madoff was finally brought down and another "conspiracy theory" was finally admitted to be a conspiracy FACT.  In which it doesn't seem he's very remorseful for his actions, HERE.  A law suit has even been filed against the U.S. Gov for them allowing him to continue scamming for many years after they were told of his scamming.

     HERE is an excellent media presentation.


     Why is it that:  In times of boom, profits are privatized and the fat cats make profits like mad.  But then in times of financial collapse the losses are socialized and it's all of us who have to absorb the fat cat's losses. ???  Since the Government is involved in the socialization of the losses, can they not be considered to be involved in this major scam?

     Take a look at a news article involving Goldman Sachs from 2003, a post that follows up in 2008, and another news article following up in 2010 that draws the JP Morgan company into the mess as well.  Is there any question left as to why people make the accusation of a world wide scheme?

     How can we forget the email from Goldman Sachs Fabrice Pierre Tourre, "The whole building is about to collapse anytime now ... Only potential survivor, the fabulous Fab ... standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implications of those monstrosities!!!"   - Quote from Reuters news article.  And Goldman Sachs only had to pay a small fine compared to the profits they made on it.  They are also noted as basically being a private money making club that isn't good for the economy or anyone else.


     While all these financial scams were going on, the SEC was ignoring whistleblowers and busy DOWNLOADING and WATCHING porn!  (Is the Pentagon any BETTER in what they download while they are supposed to be working?)

     A January 2011 report says the meltdown was avoidable.


     The Federal Reserve admitted profiting $46.1 billion for 2009, but who knows the true amount of their profits or what all they have done with it.  If it is a government institution as its fašade claims, such a fascist profit making branch is a blow at the very foundation of what we have been told about this country.  The Federal Reserve holds a lot of government bonds and collects interest profit on these bonds.  The interest money is paid by the tax payer to the gov (IRS) and then from the gov to the Federal Reserve Bank.  The Federal Reserve claims to give a portion of the interest back to the Treasury, therefore the government is still involved in a money making situation.  The Federal Reserve is a private system hiding behind a Federal Government appearance, with the power to manipulate the whole nation's economy in the hands of a few corporatists.  This should raise concern and outrage in many people.   Who would let the fox inside the chicken coup to guard it?!  What's with the "secret loan" program the Federal Reserve has?  Why is it that some audits are allowed, but the Federal Reserve rejects to full audits and is protected from such under the U.S. Collection Code?  Is this loop hole another example of "big business" using the government as a tool for laws in their favor?   How about the IRS with powers above the law and void of having to follow due process?  HERE are some good points made about them.  While the IRS was around before the Federal Reserve came to power, it was restructured in 1913; the year of the rise of the Federal Reserve.  In conjunction, the 1894 Supreme Court ruling of income tax being unconstitutional became null and void.       

     Those in the financial sector were scared the people were finally ready to draw the line and take physical action; one of the very few things that will put an end to their reign.  Due to the large bonuses they knew were going to be handed out early in 2010, in the end of 2009 many financial institution CEO's, etc, bought guns and sought carry concealed weapon permits.  In January 2010, JP Morgan Chase announced a $9.3 billion bonus purse will be paid out.  Looks like they've done quite well making profit on the $29 billion in bailout money they borrowed from the tax payers without their permission.  News sources vary in the figure, but claims state Goldman Sachs is giving its CEO Blankfein a bonus between $40 and $100 million.  Another company to use tax payer bailout money and make record profits for 2009.  Where's the dividend checks to the taxpayers?  Wouldn't we all have liked a low interest handout to gobble up valuables at pennies on the dollar during the collapse and then make a profit on them shortly after?  Wouldn't we all have liked to just print up gobs of new money out of thin air for our own economic stimulus package?

     British singer Billy Bragg raises a solid point.  Since it was tax payer money used for the bailout, the taxpayers own shares.  Therefore they should have the power of say that goes along with being a major share holder, mainly in hacking the fat cat bonuses.  "What I don't understand is why, now that we taxpayers are the majority shareholders of these banks, we seem totally powerless to curb their excessive bonus culture?"  His answer, a rightful and good proposition, is for everyone to withhold paying taxes until that problem is fixed.  In the U.S., AIG is held with nearly 80% taxpayer money.  The American people should stand up and take control of corporate salaries and bonuses.  They should even demand dividend payments.

     In January 2010, Iceland has the right idea in telling the banksters they aren't going to repay the debt; HERE is a link to the story.  Since the banks printed the money out of thin air, is there really anything lost by such an action? 

     The power and control the banks wield over the people of the world is what is at risk to being lost.  Those who were involved in the world economic crash are still calling shots.

     Banking scandals are even present within high ranks of RELIGION.


     The United States has yet to see the bottom of the financial crash.  When the 401K retirement originally started, there were some who saw it as another ploy by Wall Street to get more of the population's money.  This did in fact channel a lot of money to Wall Street.  Many people lost their retirement in the financial crash; or better put as financial redistribution because their retirement money didn't just disappear.  Now we have talk of states looking for a way to declare bankruptcy and stiffing its workers out of their retirement, HERE.  But will this "bankruptcy" get them out of having to pay back "Federal Government"?  Will the politicians pay or retirement go down or get revoked?  When they say the State is in debt, they really mean they have gotten the State's people in debt, in which decreased service and more taxes will be the result.  With both of those comes the consequence of less jobs.  Forty years ago it was written that America was on a path to becoming like a third world country.  Will this be another one of those unheeded warnings proving to come true?

     Before we close on the topic of the corruption found in the banking system, there are a few more news articles to check out.  HERE is a bank whistleblower and HERE is what they should expect for their future.


     Money is a false power and its only power is that which we allow it to have over us.  The outdated economic system is a major root problem and an Achilles heel.  IF there really is an elite network of international banksters working behind the scenes, the best fix would be to yank the rug from under their feet.  The solution is to eliminate the source of power.  The source that burdens us all, the source that has no more value than monopoly play money and no more value than the brown, smelly thing left by the neighbors dog on your front lawn.  Eliminate the central bank as has been done before, then wipe the slate of debt clean.


     It should be expected for those in power to fight with everything they have; as it is said, "Those in power will do anything to stay in power."  The Iceland article states indirect threats that were made if the bill is not passed for the taxpayers to be responsible for the financial burden; another reverse Robin Hood event.  If you have not read Andrew Jackson's farewell address, you have missed the history of how ruthless and powerful this institution is.  For review, about 2/3 of the way through the address is where the history of their brutality comes more to the forefront of the discussion.  For example, "The distress and alarm which pervaded and agitated the whole country when the Bank of the United States waged war upon the people in order to compel them to submit to its demands can not yet be forgotten. The ruthless and unsparing temper with which whole cities and communities were oppressed, individuals impoverished and ruined, and a scene of cheerful prosperity suddenly changed into one of gloom and despondency ought to be indelibly impressed on the memory of the people of the United States.


     Since its inception, even many Representatives in government have attacked the Federal Reserve.  100% of their claims aren't correct, but many have been proven to be correct.  There have been several quotes of warning against the banksters, credited to various "Founding Fathers".  While these describe what has been going on, many have been found to be false as to who they are attributed to.  Although, so far this one by James Madison seems to stand as legitimate, "History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over the governments by controlling money and its issuance."   To quote one of the National Inflation Association's (NIA) predictions, "In 2010, more Americans will realize that it is the Federal Reserve that is the cause of most of our nation's economic problems. While the health care debate divided our nation 50/50, we believe 100% of all Americans will want to end the Federal Reserve as prices of food and other goods needed to live start rising through the roof."  


     Bare in mind, most all of what is perceived to be to be corrupt in the money system is just the name of the game.  It might be morally wrong, but it is not corruption.  It is the game.  The only way to stop it, is for everyone to refuse to play, eliminate the game, and eliminate its medium.  Our current system, is a system of debt slavery.  A system that forces most everyone to pay interest to lenders.  Those who make their money, not by their own toils, but from the fiat currency, your hard work, and your debt slavery payment to them.  Like a home loan for example.  Most of your first many years of payments is not on the principal, but on the interest; good for the lenders and bad for you.  Take a look at how the credit rating system works; you need a history of debt to have a good rating.  We have been born into this game; as such we fail to realize that it is not a mandatory part of nature and that we don't need it for survival or for progress! 

     Ayn Rand had a very interesting insight, HERE is a short read.  While some of her ideas from the Atlas Shrugged book can be objectionable (no pun intended), she did have some very solid thoughts.  In her interview with Mike Wallace in 1959, she clearly stated the country had gone wayside from what it was when it was founded and it needed to go back to its roots.  The interview can be found on YouTube.  A few of her statements were scoffed at during that time; when she warned the United States was headed towards economic destruction and dictatorship.  Fast forward to where we are in current times, where we are headed, and her insight is not just a slap in the face to those who disbelieved in yesteryear, but a blow right between the eyes with a 2 x 4! 



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